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jelly with fruits and greek yogurt

Jelly with fruits and Greek yogurt. Dessert recipe.

You could easily say that this recipe is unique, weird and to your surprise, will have no yogurt after taste which is perfect for those who require a calcium uptake (they will know no difference). NOTE: Fruit measurements listed are up to individual interpretation.  Feel free to use more or […]

bulgur wheat recipe πλιγουρι

Bulgur wheat recipe (Πλιγούρι)

Πλιγούρι (Pli-gu-ri), Bulgur is made from cracked wheat. It originates in Middle Eastern cuisine. One cup of cooked Πλιγούρι provides 151 calories and 33.8 grams of carbohydrate.  One cup of Πλιγούρι also provides 8 grams of fiber, and a very small amount of naturally-occurring sugar (0.2 grams). The rest of the […]