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skordalia recipe potato and garlic dip

Skordalia recipe (Potato and garlic dip)

Love your garlic? then this dip is definitely for you.  This dip consists of boiled potatoes and with combined flavours such as vinegar, garlic and olive oil which are full of antioxidants. Our version is not blended which means this version has a chunky texture which makes it the perfect […]

moussaka recipe
Meat, Vegetables

Moussaka recipe

When I think of my childhood, this dish comes to mind as it was a family favorite.  Not to mention a dish that is requested by friends when visiting.  Moussaka is packed with flavor and the golden top layer is extremely satisfying.  Ingredients for moussaka Vegetables – Ingredients 2 – […]

Lemon roasted potatoes with herbs greek cuisine

Lemon Roasted Potatoes with herbs. (Greek cuisine)

Ask any Greek what their favourite accompanying dish is and 9/10 will respond “potatoes”. In most cases oven baked or as Greek’s would say “Sto Fourno” would be their response. This method is very moreish and can accompany any main meal as a side. Try this method for yourself and […]

cretan boureki

Cretan Boureki. A Greek recipe you will love.

In Crete, the term “Boureki” refers to this layered potato and zucchini pan containing mint, mizithra, and feta cheese. Cretan boureki is a true reflection of rural food (easy to make and extremely affordable), meaning seasonal ingredients cooked with ease. Fun fact: The word potato comes from the Spanish word […]