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Kalitsounia, Cretan recipe Kαλιτσούνια
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Kalitsounia, Cretan recipe (Kαλιτσούνια)

Kalitsounia are small cheese or herb pies associated with the Greek island of Crete. They resemble a common cheese or stuffed pie. Με μια ντομάτα δυο ελιές, τρία παξιμαδάκιαπίνουν στην Κρήτη τσικουδιά και λεν΄ μαντιναδάκια. How to make the kalitsounia filo.

cretan barley rusks Dakos Ντάκος

Cretan barley rusks (Dakos – Ντάκος)

Dakos (Nτάκος) is a well-known Greek appetizer served with tsipouro or ouzo.  It originates from Crete and is delicious, healthy and extremely moreish. The base of  Dakos is Cretan barley rusks which are made out of whole grain barley flour, water and salt. They are hard in texture and very […]

cretan boureki

Cretan Boureki. A Greek recipe you will love.

In Crete, the term “Boureki” refers to this layered potato and zucchini pan containing mint, mizithra, and feta cheese. Cretan boureki is a true reflection of rural food (easy to make and extremely affordable), meaning seasonal ingredients cooked with ease. Fun fact: The word potato comes from the Spanish word […]