greek stuffed vegetables gemista recipe
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Greek stuffed vegetables (Gemista recipe)

This very delicious rustic vegetarian dish takes advantage of in-season vegetables (all year round).  The vegetable filling mixture comprises of rice and fresh herbs.  The vegetables are baked for up to 1 hour and are ready when the vegetable stuffing mixture is soft in texture.  A very comforting and healthy […]

greek spinach and rice recipe spanakorizo
Rice, Vegetables

Greek spinach and rice recipe (Spanakorizo)

Greek spinach rice – Spanakorizo is a classic traditional Greek vegetarian dish, served as a side or as the main dish.  This dish is delicious and more importantly very easy to make.  Spinach is a confirmed “Super Food”, good for bone, eyes and blood pressure. In our recipe, we use […]

cretan rice
Rice, Meat

How to make Cretan rice known as “Gamopilafo”

The history of the Cretan rice begins in western Crete, but it has become a tradition of every home throughout the island, since it is often cooked. Made from rice, chicken broth and stakovoutyro (the famous sun-kissed butter from Chania). The Cretan rice as wedding dish symbolises fertility and wishes […]