greek coffee to make the best greek coffee

Greek coffee recipe. How to make the best Greek coffee!

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Greek coffee recipe. How to make the best Greek coffee!

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Greek coffee recipe. How to make the best Greek coffee you ever had. Finding the perfect cup of Greek coffee is extremely difficult, every cup tastes different and it would be terrific if every cup tasted the way we liked it every single time. To make the perfect cup of Greek coffee is simple if we have all the right utensils.
Lots of cultures use this type of coffee to predict the future. This type of clairvoyance is called Tasseography or Tasseomancy.


  • 2 full teaspoons of Greek coffee (1 teaspoon if you dont want your coffee to be strong)

  • sugar (optional)

  • water

What is Briki?

  • A Briki is a small metal pot, usually of copper, with a long metal handle, used for preparing Turkish, Arabic, or Greek-style coffee. Arabic name ibrik, Greek name briki. The word of origin is jazwa, a burning log, which was used to heat the pot. ellinikos kafes
  • First, it is best to buy a copper briki, the smallest size you can find preferably. This will help to cook the coffee in a better way. If your briki is not copper or is large, then you will not get the best results.
  • Although the best Greek coffee is made on the embers of the fire, it’s a little difficult to have such an item at home. Therefore, a portable gas burner (unless you have a gas top cooktop. However, a small gas burner is preferable).
  • How to make Greek coffee
  • Put a cup of water in your briki, or two if it’s double coffee and so on. Your measuring water guide will be the coffee cup you will be drinking from. best greek coffee
  • Water should be at room temperature (not too cold and not too hot). Put the briki on the burner and turn it on ( low flame). When the water starts to warm up, put 2 teaspoons full of Greek coffee (for single coffee) and the sugar you want (2 teaspoons for sweet, 1 for medium or none for no sugar). greek coffee greek coffee recipe
  • Now pay attention. Do not rush it, boil it on low heat (good coffee is made with love and attention).
  • Mix well only at the beginning and while boiling do not mix it again.
  • Allow it to boil until you see it started frothing on top. but be careful here, remove the briki just when the coffee goes to make the first boiled bubbles.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not let it get to boiling point completely. how to make greek coffee


  • If using a gas top cooktop to always set the flame on low.
  • Note that there are differences in taste from different coffee brands. That’s why you should try different varieties to see which coffee brand will make you the best Greek coffee.

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