greek custard Pie galaktoboureko recipe

Greek custard pie (Galaktoboureko recipe)

Pre-made phyllo/filo can be found in most supermarkets these days which simplifies this recipe however you can make your own. Ideally, this sweet is served once cooled down and It is difficult to stop at just 1 piece.  Served with a coffee frape or a Greek coffee. Did you know […]

greek cookies koulourakia with orange recipe

Greek cookies (koulourakia) with orange recipe

Greek cookies with orange taste as good as they look, and our version use grounded almond flakes rather than the traditional sesame seeds.  These cookies are made in a variety of shapes and are hard in texture on the outside and crumble (softer texture) on the inside.  The addition of […]

traditional greek cookies recipe kourabiedes

Traditional Greek cookies recipe (Kourabiedes)

Greek cookies are traditionally made during Christmas and are flavoured with rose water however our version uses Ouzo which we believe adds a noticeable taste attraction.  Our version also includes walnuts which we find adds a texture element to these delights.  These cookies melt in your mouth and are a […]

jelly with fruits and greek yogurt

Jelly with fruits and Greek yogurt. Dessert recipe.

You could easily say that this recipe is unique, weird and to your surprise, will have no yogurt after taste which is perfect for those who require a calcium uptake (they will know no difference). NOTE: Fruit measurements listed are up to individual interpretation.  Feel free to use more or […]