cretan boureki

Cretan Boureki. A Greek recipe you will love.

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Cretan boureki


4-6 servings

Prep Time

10 Minutes

Cooking Time

2 Hours



In Crete, the term “Boureki” refers to this layered potato and zucchini pan containing mint, mizithra, and feta cheese. Cretan boureki is a true reflection of rural food (easy to make and extremely affordable), meaning seasonal ingredients cooked with ease.


  • 5-6 Potatoes.

  • 5-6 Zucchinis.

  • Fennel bunch finely chopped.

  • Mint bunch finely chopped.

  • 1 tbsp Mixed herbs.

  • 300g Ricotta.

  • 300g Feta cheese.

  • 100g Kefalograviera.

  • White wine.

  • Olive oil.

  • Salt & pepper.

Fun fact: The word potato comes from the Spanish word patata.


  • Potatoes peeled and washed then sliced ( Between 1cm to 2cm thick).
  • Fresh Zucchini washed then sliced ( Between 1cm to 2cm thick).
  • Base tray with good quality Olive Oil.
  • Cover tray with potatoes.
  • Add Zucchinis.
  • Fennel and Mint chopped finely.
  • Add dry spices (mixed herbs) to fresh herbs and fresh and dry herb mixture to tray ingredients.
  • Add more olive oil and mix ingredients into tray ingredients ensuring everything is blended.
  • Fresh Ricotta and high-quality crumbled feta (mixed together and added to rest of ingredients).
  • Finely grate kefalograviera and add to the top of the mixture.
  • Add a little white wine or water to the base of the tray (doesn’t need a lot as the ingredients release their own juices).
  • Cover tray with baking paper and then with aluminium foil.
  • Preheated oven at 180 Degrees.
  • Cook for 1 hour and then a further 30-40 minutes uncovered.
  • Serve Hot with a nice white crisp wine.

What is Kefalograviera

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