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oven baked sweet potatoes and zucchinis
Vegan, Vegetables

Oven baked sweet potatoes, carrots and zucchini

Fun Facts: Sweet potatoes are an excellent way to eat healthily. They are fat-free and cholesterol-free. Carrots have a higher natural sugar content than all other vegetables except for beetroot. Therefore, they make a wonderful snack when eaten raw and make a tasty addition to a variety of cooked dishes.

cretan boureki

Cretan Boureki. A Greek recipe you will love.

In Crete, the term “Boureki” refers to this layered potato and zucchini pan containing mint, mizithra, and feta cheese. Cretan boureki is a true reflection of rural food (easy to make and extremely affordable), meaning seasonal ingredients cooked with ease. Fun fact: The word potato comes from the Spanish word […]

cretan rice
Rice, Meat

How to make Cretan rice known as “Gamopilafo”

The history of the Cretan rice begins in western Crete, but it has become a tradition of every home throughout the island since it is often cooked. Made from rice, chicken broth and stakovoutyro (the famous sun-kissed butter from Chania). The Cretan rice as a wedding dish symbolises fertility and […]

Marinade for lamb roast

Marinade for lamb roast.

Raw pork, seafood, beef and poultry may contain harmful bacteria which may contaminate the marinade. Marinating should be done in the refrigerator to inhibit bacterial growth.