skordalia recipe potato and garlic dip

Skordalia recipe (Potato and garlic dip)

Love your garlic? then this dip is definitely for you.  This dip consists of boiled potatoes and with combined flavours such as vinegar, garlic and olive oil which are full of antioxidants. Our version is not blended which means this version has a chunky texture which makes it the perfect […]

taramosalata recipe greek fish roe

Taramosalata recipe (Greek fish roe dip)

Taramosalata is usually served as part of a meze platter with lots of pita bread or traditional Cretan barley rusks. The homemade version cannot compare to any store-bought version, noticeable differences are colour and thickness.  The store-bought version is a bright pink colour which is a clear indication of added […]

Kalitsounia, Cretan recipe Kαλιτσούνια
Breads & Pastries, Appetizers

Kalitsounia, Cretan recipe (Kαλιτσούνια)

Kalitsounia are small cheese or herb pies associated with the Greek island of Crete. They resemble a common cheese or stuffed pie. Με μια ντομάτα δυο ελιές, τρία παξιμαδάκιαπίνουν στην Κρήτη τσικουδιά και λεν΄ μαντιναδάκια. How to make the kalitsounia filo.

cretan barley rusks Dakos Ντάκος

Cretan barley rusks (Dakos – Ντάκος)

Dakos (Nτάκος) is a well-known Greek appetizer served with tsipouro or ouzo.  It originates from Crete and is delicious, healthy and extremely moreish. The base of  Dakos is Cretan barley rusks which are made out of whole grain barley flour, water and salt. They are hard in texture and very […]